Latino College Success Partnership

The NYS Latino Partnership will initiate strategic planning and advocacy activities to achieve sustainable systemic change for Latino College Success. The CREAR Futuros Coalition of committed stakeholders in policy, education, business, and the nonprofit sector is working as the body in charge of understanding and advocating for policies and programs that promote Latino student achievement in higher education.   The main pillars of CREAR’s Latino Partnership are as follows:

  • Informing Policy and Practice – by establishing a cross-sector collaborative, The Latino College Success Partnership will bring together committed stakeholders in policy, education, business and the nonprofit sector to highlight and advance policies and evidence-based practices and programs that advance the highest possible rates of Latino access, persistence, and graduation.  CREAR Futuros staff will continue to develop targeted relationships with key policy makers via regular meetings of The Latino College Success Partnership Policy Roundtable.

  • Capacity and Constituency Building – monthly cross-sector knowledge development and work sessions for CREAR Futuros partners and allies will focus on building their individual and collective knowledge and capacity.

    latino mentor
  • CREAR Futuros/NYC DOE Working Group – advocate for the creation of a college readiness plan for all of New York City and push for elected officials to adopt the plan.

  • CREAR Futuros Corporate Advisory Council (CF-CAC) – Latino employee groups from several corporations will offer advice, counsel, promote partnerships, and work to generate additional funding and resources to ensure the success of the project.  The CF-CAC will also contribute to matching CUNY Students in a mentoring relationship with Latino professionals.

  • Public Information Campaign/NYC Media Partners Outreach Effort – with the objective of capitalizing on the effectiveness of public information campaigns to change behavior, Hispanic Federation will work with its media partners, including Univision Communications, Comcats, EL Diario La Prensa and Spanish Broadcasting Systems, to educate Latinos on what it means to be “college ready” and tips and resources for achieving that goal.

  • Coordinated Parent/Family Engagement – HF college readiness programs, programs of HF member agencies, and a newly established partnership with the NYC DOE, CREAR Futuros will expand and strengthen its existing parent/family engagement efforts so that they both reach more people and provide direct connections to ongoing college completion support.