Communities of Care Student Achievement Model Program

The program component entails a "communities of care" model that will provide multi-layered support for a minimum of 1,000 Latino college students over a four year period.  The goal is to ensure that CREAR students stay connected throughout their college lives to individuals and institutions vested in their success.  The main pillars of CREAR’s Communities of Care Model Program are as follows:

  • Direct Support to CUNY Students – peer mentoring; targeted advisement from CUNY advisors; monthly development training for mentors; and InYourClass - a unique social networking service developed by CUNY students for CUNY students. InYourClass connects students with their classmates, teachers, group members, and other students with similar interests. CUNY students and faculty will find their courses already uploaded when they log in.

  • Informing Policy and Practice – via the Latino Partnership Policymakers Roundtable, CREAR Futuros staff will continue to develop targeted relationships with key policy makers.  The Policy Roundtable will also host an annual forum at the NYS Somos Conference to report on progress and challenges in developing the policy agenda for Latino college success and to heighten the visibility of the Latino education policy agenda.

  • Connecting Students to Community Supports – targeted connections to community based organizations’ services and programs; monthly leadership development training for mentors at the Hispanic Federation; and community -building events.

  • Connecting Students to Career Opportunities – internships with Hispanic Federation member agencies, policy and corporate partners; career mentors-matching students with HF-affiliated professionals.

crear futuros student group